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State Farm® challenges drivers: Eyes up here

Nine in 10 drivers admit to using smartphone while driving. Pledge to safer driving.


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Okay. Honesty′s good − it′s the first step to healing. And, we all can use a little healing right now.

Smartphones became a major escape for many of us throughout the pandemic. Checking texts, DMs, and ″likes″ are hard habits to break. That′s okay, just not when we′re operating multi−ton vehicles.

State Farm Enterprise Research Department ran an online survey with adults 18+ to learn about our distracted driving attitudes and behaviors. The results came in with some alarm: Nine out of 10 drivers said they engage in at least one of 14 distracted driving behaviors. The trend is up from previous findings in 2010 and 2015.

There′s a bit of a silver lining here, the survey also revealed that hands−free phone capabilities has reduced the amount of hand−held phone usage people engage in while driving.

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Jake from State Farm

Even still, distracted driving is dangerous.

″When it′s in our power to do better, must try,″ State Farm Vice President − Enterprise Research Laurel K. Straub said in reaction to the survey findings.

So State Farm is issuing a challenge to all drivers, it′s a simple and powerful pledge to safety. ″Pledge to keep your eyes on the road. That′s it. That′s the challenge,″ Straub announced. Driving without distractions can reduce accidents and save lives. So, the good neighbor insurance company challenges us all to focus up while driving in an effort to help everyone be and feel safer on the road.

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